Today's Action

Today’s action is to identify the seven wonders of YOUR world. Do they include your 5 senses like Dewitt's? Is it the air in your lungs? Where you live? The strengths you were blessed with? The people in your life?

Once you have your list, take a minute or two to think about each one, giving some thought to what each one brings to your life...and let those feelings of gratitude fill you up.

Now, open your journal of choice - either paper or electronic - and list your seven wonders. Capture some of your thoughts and feelings about each of your wonders, and why you feel grateful for them?

Reach for your camera and take a picture of something that represents one or all seven of the wonders and enter the image(s) into your journal as well. As the day unfolds, pay special attention to how this exercise impacts other parts of your day.

If you’re on social media like Facebook or Instagram, etc., post a picture or two with the hashtag #celebratewhatsright along with some of your thoughts about what you’re celebrating. At the same time post your photos on our Facebook page Celebrate What’s Right Open Group

Go ahead and share your gratitude with others, the world can always use a little more goodness!

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