Today's Action

Spend a few moments thinking about where you’re going to be throughout your day today, and entertain the possibility that there will be beauty all around you, no matter where you are.

Next, make noticing the beauty an important goal today. Keep your camera close at hand, because once you make finding beauty a priority, your mental radar is going to help you find it. (this is where the self-fulfilling prophecy part kicks in!)

Your action today is to find and capture four (4) images of things that are beautiful to you. Don’t pre-judge what you think those things might be, allow these things to present themselves to you throughout the day, and remain open to the ‘serendipitous’ moments when they show up. It might be how the light hits something, the colors or the arrangement of something. It might be indoors or out.

With each of the four pictures you capture, jot down a few notes as to why you thought they were beautiful, and more importantly, how each one made you feel. Was your mood a bit lighter? Did you feel more positive or optimistic? Enter those thoughts and observations into your paper or electronic journal along with your four photos.

Revisit your photos several times today and notice how it impacts your day.

Take a moment to post one or all four of your images on social media, with the hashtag #celebratewhatsright. Post your photos and connect with other enthusiastic Celebrators on our Facebook page, Celebrate What's Right Open Group.

Make sure you add some of your thoughts about why you found these things to be beautiful so that others can join you in your celebration!

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