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See your life, and the world around you, in ways that fill you with joy, gratitude and energy.

The Habit of Celebration...

...doesn't require massive change, but rather a subtle shift in how we're seeing our life and the world around us.

Are you tired of feeling discouraged by the negativity in the world?

Would you like to more easily see the good things in your life?

It's easy to see what there is to celebrate when things are going well, but how can we hold onto that perspective no matter how things are going?

The challenges we face in our personal lives, at work, in our relationships, and even in the world events in the daily news, can leave us feeling anxious, fearful and discouraged. If we allow the things that are wrong with our world to dominate our thinking it can spill out into every part of our lives, including our health.

Developing a habit of celebration doesn't require massive change, but rather a subtle shift in how we're seeing our lives and the world around us.

The Habit of Celebration is an 18-module e-course filled with thought-provoking stories, insights and daily practices to help you successfully strengthen your ability to see more of what's right in YOUR world.

It isn't about ignoring what's not going well in our lives, or the very real pain and suffering that exists on the planet. But by choosing to celebrate what's right with our world, and making the practice of celebration a habit, we’re able to see those problems in a larger more balanced context; a context that allows us to see that there’s far more right with the world than there is wrong with it.

In this course you'll...

  • Learn ways to shift how you see the world to improve your life.
  • Develop ways of seeing that can help you turn past or present obstacles into opportunities.
  • Discover practical exercises for how to see your life through a lens of celebration.
  • Feel inspired by finding what's right in YOUR world.

to begin making Celebration a Habit in YOUR life!

"It's been an enlightening experience and I'm even more in love with the 'Celebrate' message since completing this course! I practice it throughout the day in all aspects of my life; some large, some small. Each segment is an important part of the message on a whole. It is a delight to listen to and challenge yourself with the actions of the day. I could spend a few weeks on each segment!"

- Cindy H., wife, mother, grandmother, property management specialist, celebrator

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"If I could sum it up in one word, you might be surprised that I would say 'gentle'. It is such a gentle approach to some potentially life changing, soul-searching challenges. If you think on these things, and are willing to shift your thinking, it will really take a person out of themselves...out of a self-centred approach to life, to see and enjoy people and love unconditionally! The module called 'Change' was a great one for me and helped clarify what I think I already knew but needed the reflection!"

- Brenda S., wife, mother, grandmother, care-giver, celebrator

Your Instructors

Dewitt Jones & Lauri Gwilt
Dewitt Jones & Lauri Gwilt

Dewitt Jones
Master of Celebration

photographer • speaker • writer • golfer - celebration

As one of America's top professional photographers, Dewitt spent twenty years with National Geographic photographing stories around the globe. His insightful, thought-provoking work quickly earned him a reputation as a world-class photojournalist. As a motion picture director, two of his films have been nominated for Academy Awards.

For more than twenty-five years Dewitt has shared his powerful images and insights through his Basic Jones column for Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Within these articles Dewitt has explored the spiritual side of photography, which has created a tremendous following from photographers and Celebrators alike who resonate with his messages, most notably, "Celebrate What's Right with the World."

Through his best-selling corporate training films, the Celebrate Community on social media, and as one of America's most sought-after keynote speakers, Dewitt inspires and energizes tens of thousands of people every year to see their world through a celebratory lens. He is a master of the platform, combining stories from his years with National Geographic with his extraordinary photographs to teach both creativity and vision.

Lauri Gwilt
Director of Celebratory Optimization

writer • educator • storyteller • doodler - celebrator

Since 1997 Lauri has dedicated her energies as an educator and facilitator to large corporations, government, and Aboriginal communities from all over North America, assisting them to create change, develop healthy cultures, and improve performance. She’s had the privilege of working with tens of thousands of individuals from within those organizations and communities, to help them discover the connection between their thinking, and how their lives go - at home and at work.

As a writer, Lauri’s great love is curriculum development, providing learners with the tools to develop vision and confidence to create the life story they deeply desire. She is a spirited and entertaining speaker and has co-authored, and is co-host, of The Habit of Celebration E-Course, developed with Dewitt Jones, former National Geographic Photographer, and one of America’s top professional speakers.

Lauri has had the distinct privilege of working closely with Dewitt Jones, and written a monthly column for his Celebrate What’s Right initiative, since 2010.

Always on the grow, Lauri is an aspiring children’s author and illustrator.

"The daily actions were great at prompting me to try new things and helped me focus my thoughts and attention with a more celebratory view. I felt energized, optimistic, and looked forward to each new segment. The course helped me improve my outlook on life and not to get dragged into the negative stuff."

- Karen F., trade specialist, photographer, celebrator

"5 Stars!"

- Connie P., writer, musician, photographer, adventurer, celebrator

Course Curriculum

  A Message from Dewitt
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  CELEBRATE: The Seven Wonders of the World that REALLY Matter
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Are You Ready to Make Celebration a Habit?
Available in days
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  The Celebrate Team
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a fancy camera?
No! You can use a smart phone, a point and shoot, a Polaroid, or any other camera you happen to have. A camera is simply used to give a visual element to the topic within each module as it relates to your world.
Do I have to be a good photographer to take this course?
Oh, my goodness, NO! This isn't a photography course, it's about ways of seeing the world around us that fill us with gratitude and energy. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a photographer. While Dewitt is an amazing photographer these exercises are not centred on the art of photography, they're not a competition, and your photos will not be judged! Photos will be used to simply to bring a visual element to each module, which allows us to create a stronger connection to the information. If you have a smartphone (or any other camera) and a desire to see the world around you in a more celebratory way, then this e-course is for you!
How much time is required to do this course?
That's entirely up to you! You can take as little or as much time as you choose. Each module contains just 5 to 7 minutes of audio or video with the idea that Learners would complete one module per day. How much time you choose to dedicate to the daily action sections will differ from module to module, and Learner to Learner. It may take as little as five minutes, or you may choose to have the action linger with you all day, as you think about and observe the world around you in relation to the action.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you're ready! It is a completely self-paced online course. You decide when you start, when you finish, and how long you take, or how many times you want to do, each module and the course as a whole.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to The Habit of Celebration for TWO FULL YEARS - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
"Celebrate this course! It is beautiful, in focus, and is framed in just the right amount of light and inspiration. I experienced many new ah-ha moments! I loved that many of the insights I knew before taking this course were reinforced and now have better context, continuity, and have a new resting spot in my brain. Thanks!"

Gerry B., husband, father, storyteller, celebrator

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