The Celebrate Team

Dewitt Jones — Master of Celebration

photographer • speaker • writer • golfer • celebrator
As one of America’s top professional photographers, Dewitt spent twenty years with National Geographic photographing stories around the globe. His insightful, thought-provoking work quickly earned him a reputation as a world-class photojournalist. As a motion picture director, he's had two films nominated for Academy Awards.

For more than 25 years Dewitt has shared his powerful images and insights through his Basic Jones column for Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Within these articles Dewitt has explored the spiritual side of photography, which has created a tremendous following from photographers and Celebrators alike who resonate with his messages, most notably to “Celebrate What’s Right with the World”.

Through his best-selling corporate training films, the Celebrate Community on social media, and as one of the nation’s most sought-after keynote speakers, Dewitt inspires and energizes tens of thousands of people every year to see their world through a celebratory lens. He is a master of the platform, combining stories from his years with National Geographic with his extraordinary photographs to teach both creativity and vision.

Lauri Gwilt — Director of Celebratory Optimization
writer • educator • storyteller • doodler • celebrator
Since 1997 Lauri has dedicated her energies as an educator and facilitator to large corporations, government, and Aboriginal communities from all over North America, assisting them to create change, develop healthy cultures, and improve performance. She’s had the privilege of working with tens of thousands of individuals from within those organizations and communities, to help them discover the connection between their thinking, and how their lives go - at home and at work.

As a writer, Lauri’s great love is curriculum development, providing learners with the tools to develop vision and confidence to create the life story they deeply desire. She is a spirited and entertaining speaker and has co-authored, and is co-host, of The Habit of Celebration E-Course, developed with Dewitt Jones, former National Geographic Photographer, and one of America’s top professional speakers.

Lauri has had the distinct privilege of working closely with Dewitt Jones, and written a monthly column for his Celebrate What’s Right initiative, since 2010. Always on the grow, Lauri is an aspiring children’s author and illustrator.

Sherrin Western — Director of Celebratory Strategy and Tactics
entrepreneur • strategist • speaker • scrapbooker • celebrator
Sherrin is co-owner of Shervin Communications, a graphic design and marketing agency, since 1992. Sherrin has mastered the art of helping her clients articulate who they are, and how they would like to be seen by the world. Her inquisitive, honest, people-centred approach to everything she does is refreshing.

Shervin Communications has been honored with a long list of awards and recognition, which include being listed as one of the ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses’ in Vancouver. Sherrin attributes this recognition to the emphasis she and her team put on building trust-filled customer relationships, and excellence with respect to project management.

From a volunteer perspective, her commitment to be ‘part of the solution’ has earned her a “Woman of Distinction” award, she was one of twenty finalists for the “Influential Woman in Business” award and was honoured with the “National Volunteer of the Year” for Canadian Women in Communications.

A Celebrator at heart, Sherrin jumped at the chance in 2010 to work with Dewitt Jones and the Celebrate What’s Right movement.

Kevin Western — Director of Art-Official Intelligence
designer • editor • artist • musician • celebrator
One of the many creative gifts Kevin has is the ability to visually translate what a client wants to communicate about themselves and their projects. He has a sixth sense for what good design looks like, as evidenced by the caliber of clients who have turned to him for creative solutions, such as HSBC, the Royal BC Museum and the Michael J Fox Theatre.

Kevin’s commitment to discover who his clients are, and what they want to achieve, allows him to create designs that reflect layers of depth and meaning, as well as offer tangible connections to the mission and core values his clients care about.

Prior to founding Shervin Communications, Kevin was the Senior Graphic Designer responsible for national marketing communications for Roland Canada Music Ltd. He has over thirty years of design background and expertise and has been honoured with both local and international awards for his designs.

As an artist, musician, and designer Kevin is a born Celebrator, which is why he’s loved working with Dewitt Jones and the Celebrate What’s Right initiative since 2010.

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